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Manage confidentiality in virtual meetings

Let’s face it, if you’re working in a remote or hybrid environment, you’re bound to upload and share internal confidential information and intellectual property during online meetings, including sales projection, financial forecasts, an upcoming merger, or your company’s secret sauce. 

Unfortunately, if you’re using a legacy video conferencing solution, you may be inadvertently exposing this sensitive proprietary information to a third-party provider that is managed in a cloud outside your domain, meaning you have no control over where your meeting content is stored.

Route your content

With Cordoniq, you control the privacy and security of all your content and data, including how and where it’s stored. Our video collaboration platform lets you route your videos, audio, recordings, shared screens, documents and files to your own private cloud, public cloud, or private network.

We provide installable modules and containers that can be deployed in your existing data centers, hybrid cloud computing centers or major cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure® , or Google Cloud.

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Brand your solution

Make an impact when collaborating with your teams and clients by custom branding the solution with your company logo and color palette. All features of the user interface can be private labeled. You can integrate other apps from your tech stack into the platform, as well.

Cordoniq can create private labeling for all operating systems, including iOS and Android, with your own private-branded apps for the App Store and Google Play™. 

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Control your collaboration experience

Our API-first approach means every aspect of the online meeting experience, both on the front-end and back-end, is controlled and available via API. 

With Cordoniq, you have API control over:

backend modules

backend modules

the app experience Windows, macOS, iOS and Android

the app experience (Windows, macOS, iOS and Android)

storage of shared content, meeting recordings

storage of shared content, meeting recordings

privacy including how and where user data is retained

privacy including how and where user data is retained

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Our software development team works with you to customize the experience and add any APIs you need that are specific to your requirements.

Control over the collaboration experience also includes:

easy to use http-based REST, OAuth/2 based APIs

using your own custom SSL certificates and wildcard domains

one-step integration via OpenAPI 3.x with popular development IDEs

the ability to implement into a zero-trust environment

control over cipher restrictions and TLS level for encryption

installable containers for Linux and Windows servers

routing traffic only over secure VPNs

“We chose Cordoniq because we had to have control over the location of content, how it is secured, stored and retrieved. Most products we looked at would stream over the internet to their target servers, with very little or no controls. They also would not allow you to control where your sensitive content and recordings were stored.”

Dan Feng | CTO

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Control your collaboration experience and content

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