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Collaboration tools

Cordoniq provides a robust set of tools that makes every collaboration – whether hosted inside the office or virtually – as immersive and productive as possible.

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Nana Sun

In-meeting sharing

Generic video conferencing solutions only let you show your screen during meetings. With Cordoniq’s video collaboration platform, you can share boards, documents, media, screens and web content, all within the interface.

Video thumbnails remain on-screen, so attendees can continue to see and speak to one another without disruption, no matter what tool or asset you share. This visual continuity makes collaborations more engaging for all participants.

Streaming media

With Cordoniq, you can stream high-definition video and audio during meetings. This exclusive feature is available on all desktop and mobile devices, including Mac, PC, iOS, and Android TV.

Enjoy lip-synced audio and intelligent noise and echo cancellation. Audio gain control (AGC), automatically adjusts your microphone’s sensitivity to deliver an even output. The half-duplex audio option prevents participants from speaking over one another while collaborating.

Share web content

Our exclusive Share Web Content feature allows you to easily display web-based applications and videos within Cordoniq’s meeting interface. This eliminates the disjointed, and time-consuming task of toggling between screens.

We’ve built a full web browser into the platform. Use it to explore online content and applications within a meeting. Attendees can interact with the information independently from one another, while still working together.


Cordoniq is the only video collaboration platform that gives you a choice between using a whiteboard, blackboard or greenboard. This allows you to tailor the user experience for classroom, boardroom or meeting settings.


Your ability to share documents is virtually limitless, as Cordoniq supports over 70 format types including word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, portable, diagrams, project management, image, web, CAD formats, and more.

Hosts and attendees can zoom in and out of the document, making it easier to read fine print. You can also alter the document size to fit within the screen by height, width or actual size.

Annotation tools

Use in-meeting annotation tools on boards, documents and screens while sharing. Make your collaborations more engaging with freehand writing, text, and drawing tools. Cordoniq gives you the option to display your name beside the ‘hand cursor’, as well as match the cursor to your profile color.

You can add more visual interest to your discussions by inserting images from your desktop or mobile device. Use the ‘select’ tool to group all shapes, text, lines and images together, and resize as needed.


Our dynamic chat features include multilingual functionality – with character sets – in over 70 languages, including the ability for users that read right to left (e.g., Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi). This tool also provides additional image support, HTML export and emojis.

Resize the text tool and scale the text box, as needed, while your chat remains docked or floating within the user interface. You can export your chat to save for future reference, as well.

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