What platforms are there for video conferencing?
Sep 15, 2023 4 min read
What platforms are there for video conferencing?
Sep 15, 2023 4 min read
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Video collaboration use has skyrocketed in recent years, especially as the shift to remote work environments has permanently changed the way people work. Recent studies show that nearly one-third of American workers are still working from home

Now more than ever, organizations must consider optimizing their remote and hybrid environments. Advanced video conferencing platforms provide functionalities and features that can help organizations optimize their hybrid, remote and virtual collaboration for their clients, prospects and teams. 

Let’s look at some of the types of video conferencing and the benefits of advanced video conferencing platforms. 

What are two types of video conferencing apps?

Video conferencing apps have a range of uses and functionalities, based on company needs, work environment and the size of teams. The most basic generic video conferencing apps are designed for online meetings but often aren’t designed with features that can support more advanced experiences.

Video conferencing software often means “free” online software that doesn’t provide versatile features. But along with limited functionality, other disadvantages to this type of software include privacy and security concerns. 

But with advanced video collaboration platforms, businesses can create a secure, customized and integrated solution to optimize their hybrid work environments. With the correct type of video conferencing platform, companies can boost their productivity, be more innovative, foster healthy debate, communicate openly and provide more immersive experiences for their teams. 

In addition, firms in industries such as management consulting, legal and financial services or healthcare require more robust security as they handle proprietary information. Only advanced collaboration platforms that provide higher levels of security will be able to fulfill their requirements. 

What are the best video conferencing platforms for business?

In an optimal hybrid and remote work environment, employees and teams have access to flexible, versatile and advanced collaboration tools. Companies must ensure that they supply the right technology tools to support easy and convenient collaboration for their distributed teams.

The right tools must also be secure. A top concern of today’s CISOs is whether employees are sharing confidential company information during online meetings. Since many generic video conferencing products only have encrypted communications, there are more opportunities for company information to be hacked. 

Security is also a concern of stakeholders and clients. Studies show that keeping data and other information private is a top concern of consumers and is having a significant impact on brand loyalty and trust.

Businesses must take steps to ensure that their remote employees are using secure tools and technologies. This includes implementing collaboration software that can support more secure and private collaboration, especially when discussions include customer or company information. 

What are some benefits of advanced video conferencing platforms? 

Advanced video collaboration platforms support a highly immersive and productive hybrid work environment. Businesses must consider investing in immersive solutions that integrate into their workflow and retain the elements and touchpoints that allow their distributed workforce to interact in the same ways as they can in the office. 

Highly immersive solutions include the highest quality audio and video, features that allow quick and seamless content sharing, whiteboarding, document sharing, annotation and chat features. Breakout rooms are another feature that supports more interactive experiences for events and presentations.

API-driven video conferencing platforms also give businesses the opportunity to integrate other tools for HR, productivity and other essentials into one seamless platform. 

Along with superior communication and collaboration, video conferencing platforms that offer advanced security and privacy features must not be overlooked. Consider platforms that offer your organization complete control over meetings, events, recordings, and content, including where they are stored. The most secure solutions include true end-to-end security as a foundation of the platform

Cordoniq’s advanced platform can help you meet your remote collaboration goals securely

Cordoniq offers customized collaboration, tailored to your company’s exact requirements. With an API-driven, gamified video collaboration platform, Cordoniq goes beyond usual security standards.

The elastic and scalable platform integrates with other essential business tools, creating a seamless solution to optimize your remote and virtual team environments. 

From custom gamification to GPU-capable coding and rendering, Cordoniq allows your teams to experience cutting-edge technology without compromising security and privacy. 

Other advanced security features include: 

  • Up to and beyond U.S. military-grade security
  • Web privacy regulation compliant 
  • True end-to-end, zero-trust security, including installable modules in your private cloud
  • Ability to choose own cipher strength and PKI key depth rules
  • Ability to leverage and support OAuth/2 flows
  • Consistent encryption across all devices

Learn more about Cordoniq’s advanced security features.

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