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This resource explains how API-driven software platforms allow your organization to leverage 3rd party tools and apps to suit your specific needs and enhance your product or service offerings.

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Need a more effective collaboration solution for your product or service?

Cordoniq has taken an API-first approach to building an easy-to-implement solution for immersive conferencing and collaboration. Every aspect of the experience, both on the front-end and back-end is completely in your control and available via API.

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When it comes to APIs, our solution goes beyond typical off-the-shelf conferencing products and provides control over the collaboration experience including:

Easy to use http-based REST, OAuth/2 based APIs

API control over backend modules

API control over the app experience (Windows, macOS, iOS and Android)

API control over storage of shared content, meeting recordings

API control over privacy including how and where user data is retained

You'll also get:

To use your own custom SSL certificates and wildcard domains

Control over cipher restrictions and TLS level for encryption

Public or private cloud, private data center deployments

Easy to implement backend modules and containers

One-step integration via OpenAPI 3.x with popular development IDEs


At Cordoniq, our software engineering team specializes in helping your organization build live, interactive collaboration experiences that integrate with your existing products and services.

Our team works with you to customize the product experience and include API integrations specific to your organization’s requirements. We provide OpenAPI support including Java and .NET/Visual Studio/JavaScript and Web developers.

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